In order to run a successful campaign, we need your help! We need to purchase lawn signs and advertising materials, fund community events and conduct outreach throughout Don Valley West right up until voting day, October 22, 2018. Every dollar counts, big or small!

All online donations will be processed by PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to submit your electronic donation. All payments will receive an emailed receipt. Please feel free to contact the campaign at any time about your donation: If you prefer to make a donation by cheque, please contact the campaign to make arrangements. Thank you for donating!

Additional donation details:

  • There is a $1,200 limit that applies to contributions from individuals. If a person makes more than one contribution (e.g. contributes money, contributes goods, and purchases a ticket to a fundraising event), the total value of all the contributions cannot exceed $1,200.
  • The maximum total amount that a contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (i.e. running for the same council or the same school board) is $5,000.
  • The following individuals and organizations are not permitted to make contributions to school board campaigns: corporations; trade unions; residents who live outside the Province of Ontario; federal and provincial political parties, federal and provincial constituency associations, as well as federal and provincial registered candidates or leadership contestants; a federal or provincial government, a municipality or a school board.
  • Donations to school board campaigns are not tax deductible or eligible for contribution rebate programs.
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