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Kathleen Wynne,

former Premier of Ontario and MPP for Don Valley West

“Rachel Chernos Lin has served the people of Don Valley West diligently and thoughtfully on the Toronto District School Board. The pandemic has created serious challenges to students and school staff across the province; Rachel has understood those and has been a leader among school trustees in proposing reasonable solutions. She has responded to families’ concerns and has worked with communities in every part of the riding. One of the most important roles of en elected official is to work with the other levels of government. In my former role as MPP, I always found Rachel to be an intelligent, constructive partner. Her positive, helpful approach to problems is needed in education governance. I sincerely hope she is re-elected to the TDSB.”

Gerri Gershon,

former TDSB Trustee

“Rachel Chernos Lin is a thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic voice for our community on the Toronto District School Board. She skillfully brings the hopes and dreams of parents to the board table. She works with passion and determination for a school system that strives to meet the needs of all students so they can achieve their personal best. Our community has been fortunate that she represented us these past four years. We need her to continue her advocacy.”

Allison Wesley,

Co-Chair, Northlea Home and School Association

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Rachel during my time as a parent and as a Co-Chair of The Northlea Home and School Association.  Rachel is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to understanding the TDSB system and has a strong grasp of policies and budgets within the board.  She’s a person who listens and considers the needs of all community members to effectively elevate and make our voices heard.  Rachel is kind, open and approachable when it comes to understanding different view points.  She works tirelessly to strengthen our community and shows commitment for continued improvement for students and families in our public education system.” 

Holly Reid,

Leaside resident,

safe cycling advocate and grandmother of three

“Rachel Chernos Lin is what everyone should want in their school board trustee. She is on top of the issues and works collaboratively to get results. Case-in-point: When Marc Garneau students were advocating for safe travel to school across the Overlea Bridge, Rachel supported and applauded their efforts –  efforts that have since influenced the community consultation process and led to a comprehensive plan to remake the Overlea Bridge to address the students' concerns. I have grandchildren in the public school system, and I recognize that Rachel is a champion of an accessible, equitable and excellent public school system that must continue to be the backbone for prosperity in our society.”

Julie Dasoo,

Thorncliffe Park community member

“As an active member of the Thorncliffe park community for over two decades, I can attest to the fact that Rachel is the right choice for Trustee in Ward 11. She is present in the community, she understands the different needs of its members, and she is willing to learn how she can improve the education system for our children. I wholeheartedly endorse Rachel.” 

Tammy Doane,

Leaside resident and Northern Secondary School parent

"I was so thankful to have Rachel as our school trustee during these difficult years. Without a doubt, she always has the kids' best interest in her mind and heart. I worked with Rachel a lot during a campaign to try and get high school kids back in the class. When I reached out to her with our concerns, she listened, we strategized together and then she worked alongside us, the parents. She used her position to advocate for the students by putting forward a motion to ask the Ministry Of Education to move back to full time school. It is the perfect example of partnering with parents to achieve the end goal. It showed the government that the school board and the parents were aligned and supported this motion.It is easy to see that Rachel also collaborates well with staff and administrations as she has great respect for both and has the ability to see and hear all sides of a problem. I honestly can’t imagine anyone who could have done a better job or worked harder than Rachel to support parents and children during the most difficult time in history to be a school trustee."
"As a parent at Blythwood Public School I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel Chernos Lin as Trustee for Ward 11.  Rachel is a tireless advocate for the students and families of Don Valley West.  Rachel was a strong voice for the needs of students and families struggling during the pandemic and is committed to ensuring our kids recover emotionally and academically. I am grateful for the time and energy Rachel has invested in her role as Trustee and urge all Ward 11 residents to bring Rachel back for another term."

Meghan Lauber,

Blythwood Public School parent

"What an action-packed unprecedented four years! There was no better advocate for the education and health of our children and youth than Trustee Rachel Chernos Lin especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rachel advocated for all of us - thoughtfully and courageously writing letters to the Ministry of Education - to initiate and improve policies regarding virtual learning, masking, cohorting etc. And to implement physical changes inside schools, such as ventilation systems that kept all of us safe, whether staff, school administrators or students. Rachel tackled every challenge head-on so it's no surprise to me that after four short years, Rachel is a leader among her fellow TDSB Trustees. At Go Green Youth Centre, we cannot thank Rachel enough for securing us subsidized space inside Valley Park Middle School & Marc Garneau CI where we continue to run free youth-led children's programs. Rachel provided us with behind the scenes support and her physical presence at so many of our events whenever necessary. I know I speak for many of us when I say I cannot wait to see what the next four years will bring with Trustee Rachel Chernos-Lin."

Lisa Grogan-Green,

Co-Chair, Go Green Youth Centre

"I supported Rachel Chernos Lin in her first campaign to run as a TDSB Trustee and once elected, she exceeded my expectations which is even more significant in light of the global pandemic and the considerable impact COVID-19 had on our education system for the past 2.5 years.  Rachel continues to do an excellent job in advocating for students and families while balancing the different voices and needs of our community members.  She is open, approachable, thoughtful, intelligent and is committed to improving our public education system.  Rachel is honest and transparent - and she communicates the facts directly with integrity.  Rachel played a driving role in the approval of several pandemic related measures including a return to regular high school semesters February 2022.  Rachel is the experienced, passionate Trustee that we need to continue advocating for the needs of Ward 11. She has my support once again in this election."

Meredith Weir,

Former Chair, School Council John Fisher P.S., and TDSB parent

Sarah Claydon,

Past Chair, Maurice Cody Family & School Association

"During my time as Chair of the Maurice Cody Family & School Association, I had the pleasure of working closely with Rachel. I knew from the day I met her that she was someone I could trust to be open and honest with me, who would advocate for me and for our parent body on community issues, and who would be someone I could go to for advice or direction.

As a parent, and former School Council member, Rachel knows firsthand what our TDSB schools and community needs. She is a calm and steadfast voice who understands the ins and outs of the Trustee job.  She is approachable, and she takes time to hear about issues important to TDSB families.  She acts on them - following up with her findings and making sure that these findings are satisfactory.

Rachel supports our schools with every minute she has - attending school council meetings, school fairs, and graduation ceremonies, and making herself available to parent associations whenever needed. Covid times have not been easy for any of us. Rachel has done a remarkable job as our voice within the TDSB, advocating for families and the importance of stability.

Quite frankly, we need her to continue her great work.

I’m excited that Rachel is seeking re-election, and I heartily endorse her for Trustee of Ward 11."
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