Rachel stands for Knowledge, Experience, Energy, Independence and Integrity. City Councillors like Josh Matlow, Jon Burnside, and Jaye Robinson appreciate her passion about public education. Read on what other Trustees, Educators, School Council Chairs, parents, and neighbours say about Rachel Chernos Lin:

“Rachel’s energy and enthusiasm for fixing problems and getting things right was one of the highlights of working with her on overcrowded schools on the Yonge corridor. She worked collaboratively with me and other trustees to pursue provincial regulatory changes to allow the TDSB access to millions of dollars in badly needed development fees to help build and fix our schools. We both agree that development should help pay for school infrastructure and rapid growth. A pleasure to work with her.”

— Alexander Brown, TDSB Trustee, Willowdale

“The TDSB continues to be among the most diverse and exciting boards in which to serve the needs of communities and children. After 40 years as an educator, leader and community resident, I know that balanced, courageous and focused attention will be needed to ensure the wealth of services, new opportunities and challenges our young people will experience. Rachel has the skills, commitment and thoughtful drive to represent all our communities. A strong and healthy public education system is one of the cornerstones of a healthy civil society.  Our neighbourhood has enjoyed exemplary trustee representation for many years; Rachel will maintain that high standard of service, communication and advocacy for public education. She has my wholehearted support.”

Michael Smith, Superintendent of Schools (retired), Educational Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Rachel Chernos Lin for the last few years – she is bright, articulate and knowledgeable. She builds relationships and coalitions. Whether she be speaking at Board Committee or directly to MPPs or working with Trustees and Principals on both local and system issues, I have been impressed by her passion and her commitment to improve student achievement and well-being for all students. There is no question in my mind that her work on school council has provided her with experiences that she can use to be an effective Trustee. But it is her grassroots advocacy for the TDSB to have access to Education Development Charges that was critical in bringing the issue to light. I can think of no better representative for schools in Don Valley West. And since the schools my children went to and I volunteered in are now part of DVW, she has my support, and most importantly, my vote.”

Shelley Laskin, TDSB Trustee, St. Paul’s

“Rachel Chernos Lin is a candidate with first hand experience working collaboratively within the current system — and the only candidate with that experience in this riding. She has the integrity required to bring a new level of transparency and accountability to the role of TDSB Trustee in DVW and the insight and motivation to effect positive change.”

Jennifer Hinder, Bedford Park PS parent, former TDSB trustee candidate and John Fisher Fundraising/Pizza Lunch Co-Chair, Don Valley West/Ward 11 resident

“When Rachel enthusiastically told me that she would be running for School Trustee, my first thought was, “that makes perfect sense”. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rachel Chernos Lin for over 10 years and can attest, with confidence, that she would be an outstanding representative and advocate for the students and schools in our area.                                                                                        I am a primary school teacher and Rachel and I share many of the same interests and concerns regarding the many issues that all schools, teachers, and students face. We have spent many hours discussing these issues and I am always impressed with Rachel’s depth of knowledge and desire to learn, her amazing ability to communicate her ideas and questions, and most importantly, her genuine concern for all students and their various challenges.  She is a person who cares about the potential, well being, and opportunities for all students in all schools. We would be incredibly fortunate to be represented by someone as passionate, driven, personable, and professional as Rachel.”

Stephanie Ralliss, grade 3 teacher

As former Chair of Rolph Road School, I have known Rachel for many years. I’m throwing my support behind this hardworking and dedicated individual, and hope you will consider her. A strong supporter of public education and a parent with a vested interest in improving our system. Experience, knowledge and energy!

Robin Dickie, Former Chair, Rolph Road School  

I am whole-heartedly supporting Rachel Chernos Lin for trustee. Rachel is a great friend but also a colleague, volunteering together in our public school. She has spent countless hours chairing the Home and School, organizing school events, responsible for school communications and advising on safe school initiatives. Her passion and dedication to public education is unparalleled. She is empathetic and listens to people in a way that reflects her belief that every child, teacher and parent is equal. She is a strong promoter that children are entitled to receive the best from the public school system and one that fits their individual needs. I could not be more confident that our schools are in experienced and caring hands with Rachel as Trustee. I will vote for Rachel Chernos Lin as trustee and encourage those in Don Valley West to do the same.

— Kara Pearson Kane, Past Chair, Northlea Home and School Association

“As someone who has been involved in politics, corporations, startups and not-for-profit organizations, I believe that for our communities to thrive we need to support intelligent, capable, passionate people who willingly offer to serve the public. Public service today involves an entirely new skill set. And, to meaningfully contribute as a school board trustee, we need someone who understands the complexity of the system, has respect for the people who work hard every day in it and can get things done. Rachel Chernos Lin is exactly that person. She is smart. She is capable. She is passionate. She is willing to serve those of us who live in Don Valley West/Ward 11 and she has the experience, understanding and spirit of collaboration to get things done. I am voting for Rachel this October and I strongly suggest you do too.”

Kathy Pashby Murphy, long-time Leaside resident

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel Chernos Lin in many capacities including co-chair of Northlea Home and School Council/Association for two years. Her passion and commitment to a better education system make her by far the best candidate for the job. On Election Day, I encourage all of my fellow voters to support her, I have no doubt you’ll be happy you did!

— Alexis DeCastro, Past Chair, Northlea Home and School Association 

“I am thrilled to support Rachel as the next Trustee for our ward. Rachel is a passionate and engaged community leader. Having worked with her over the past four years, I have seen her vast and varied skills in supporting our children’s education. Rachel has been Co-Chair as well as Communications Chair of the Northlea Home and School Association, performing her roles to the highest level of excellence. Her ability to synthesize the concerns of others into efficient and effective solutions is truly remarkable. She is a kind and approachable public school parent who has the requisite skills as our representative to advocate for our children so they have the best opportunities possible. Vote Rachel!”

Arti Panday, Chair, Northlea Home and School Association

“During my time as French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC) Vice Co-Chair, I met and frequently crossed paths with Rachel Chernos Lin. I saw Rachel at all types of events… ward level, TDSB level and of course at our local schools. She was very active in the educational scene and demonstrated sound reasoning and educational passion everytime I saw her. It is exciting to see her run for TDSB ward 11 Trustee. She would do well in that role and I would love to see what great things she could accomplish given that opportunity. Good luck Rachel.”

Betheney Maheu, Former FSLAC Vice Co-Chair, TDSB

“As an educator and parent of two children in the TDSB, I have a vested interest in who is advocating for our schools, our parents and our children. That is why selecting a strong trustee for our ward is so important.  I am excited to support Rachel Chernos Lin as our trustee for Ward 11. I have known Rachel personally and professionally for the past 6 years. She has experience, is knowledgeable, and is a person of integrity.  I can’t think of a better candidate. She understands the issues. She is not afraid to advocate for our students and do what is right for our ward.”

Line Brassard, Assistant Curriculum Leader of Guidance

“At this back to school time of year I am reminded of the kind support given to me by Rachel Chernos Lin years ago when my son with special needs attended the same school as her own kids. Rachel Chernos Lin Trustee Candidate, Don Valley West/Ward 11 is now running for trustee. It’s a natural fit. She never knew me as a friend. She is a born advocate for all kids and it’s been in her nature to do so – now she’s making it official. I support her just as she supported me and my son! Good luck Rachel!”

Francesca Allman, Parent, Don Valley West

“Rachel has a wealth of experience with the public school system having volunteered with many important educational committees over the years. She has been deeply involved in the community with a great network of friends and supporters. Most importantly, she has always served as a voice of experience and reason when helping my little family navigate the public school system. She has my full support.”

Dr. Deven Chandra, BSc, MD, FRCPC, MEd, Don Valley West Resident

“When I met Rachel, I quickly realized that she has a passion for public education and a wealth of experience gained from 10+ years volunteering in our schools.  Her experience volunteering with her children’s schools and with working on initiatives at the board level have provided her with a wealth of experience and exposure to the varying concerns of parents, teachers and administrators. Rachel has learned the value and importance of working collaboratively with our community and government partners.
When voting for a Trustee, I am looking for someone who I can trust, who will listen to the needs of parents & students in the community and build the relationships necessary at the Board to advocate for the community.  I believe that Rachel has a genuine vested interest in this job and that she’s highly motivated and qualified to take on this important role. Please join me and vote Rachel for Trustee for DVW/Ward 11 on October 22.”

Meredith Weir – John Fisher Parent

“For possibly the first time in my life, I am thrilled to see someone running for office… Rachel Chernos Lin is running for Trustee in Don Valley West/Ward 11, and I cannot think of a better suited person for this important task.
I have known Rachel for 13 years and can tell you that she has the knowledge, experience, and advocacy skills to be Trustee. Rachel’s knowledge mainly comes from her years of dedication to the Northlea Home and School, but also from her own experience as a mother of 3 kids in the TDSB.
I have watched Rachel bring resolution to parental and community concerns through her interactions with principals, school Trustees, and even the Premier. She will be a strong advocate for the parents and children of our community.”

Dr. Deborah Robertson, MD, parent and Don Valley West resident