My Priorities

When people talk about Toronto as one of the most liveable cities in the world, they often talk about how we are a city of neighbourhoods.
At the heart of our city is a vast network of neighbourhood schools, and these schools are an integral and essential part of our city’s infrastructure.

At the heart of my campaign is a belief that strong schools make for strong communities.

As your Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Trustee for Don Valley West, my priorities will be to:

  • Advocate for a modern, robust curriculum that educates the whole child

I believe our schools must not only meet the needs of all students, but must also enable ALL students to flourish.
Our children need a comprehensive program with proper supports and up-to-date resources to ensure they develop a strong foundation while at the same time instilling a love of learning from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.
By providing our students with the tools to help them develop their social, emotional, physical and educational well-being through an inclusive, rich and varied curriculum that includes approaches such as STEM-based learning (which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), we will help to prepare our children for success in the 21stcentury.

  • Engage parents and families

Parent engagement and trustee responsiveness are key ingredients in strong schools. As a parent and a trustee candidate, I am committed to listening to constituents, fostering relationships within Don Valley West and being accessible.

  • Advocate for differentiated learning and resource funding

We know children learn in a variety of ways, and that a “one-size fits all” approach to education doesn’t work. Cuts to special education budgets over the last several years have often resulted in our children having to wait until they are two grade levels behind before they can access the appropriate resources.
I am committed to advocating for proper funding of proper supports and resources for both teachers and students, to ensure ALL children’s needs are met in a timely and equitable manner.

  • Advocate for well-maintained, community schools that meet the needs of a growing population

Schools are at their best when they meet the needs of the whole child — schools that meet academic needs and also allow for a variety of arts, technology and sports-related programs that kids can attend and be engaged in. With a growing population throughout Don Valley West and an infrastructure of aging schools, now is the time to ensure we can provide adequate space in safe and well-maintained schools so that children can continue to attend local, community-driven schools that are not bursting at the seams or falling apart. It is essential that TDSB Trustees be proactive — not reactive – in working together with the city and the province over the next few years to make sure we plan responsibly and accordingly to accommodate growth and development.
With all the development currently underway in Don Valley West, and even more soon to follow, I will advocate tirelessly for new and renovated schools to meet our community’s evolving needs.

  • Advocate for safe, walkable school communities

As a former school council chair and a parent with children attending our local schools, I recognize the importance of safe travel to and from school, a concern widely shared by all communities in Don Valley West.
From condo construction to subway construction, our students’ safety MUST come first. As your Trustee, I will continue to work towards making safety a priority for our students and their families by working with our community partners to ensure that safety is a top priority.

  • Advocate at the Provincial level for increased capital funding and state of the art resources

School Boards across the province need to work together to advocate for funding and supports to ensure our children are provided with current, up-to-date resources.
As your public school Trustee, I will continue my work collaborating with community partners and all levels of government for sustainable and responsible funding.

By working together to reach a consensus as often as possible on the various issues confronting us, we can ensure a strong public education system we can all be proud of.